Project Résumé

No education and no skills means only one thing. No Future.

800 million

current population under 35 years

12 million

number of people joining the workforce every year

5.5 million

new jobs added every year

This gap of 6.5 million unemployed youth is only growing with every passing year – a condition compounded by two major problems.

The Education- Employment Paradox

Today, the average unemployment rate in India is 2.6%. But the solution does not lie with higher education alone, as the numbers prove below.


Diploma or Certificate Holders




New jobs added every year

A fruitless vocation

While there are several vocational training initiatives offering short-term courses to young school dropouts, including those backed by the government, they do not necessarily improve employability.

Studies show that only a small fraction of this group retains jobs for more than a year. Further, hampered by a lack of formal education and the required soft skills, many fall behind on their career progression.

Between an education system that imparts knowledge but doesn’t help secure a job, and a skilling environment that guarantees jobs but not long-term careers, the Indian youth find themselves in a vulnerable position.