They need the most support when they’re most susceptible.

We choose to work with pre-teen / adolescent adolescents because the majority of reasons for school drop-outs occur from Grade 7 upwards.

  • It is critical to intervene whilst the child is still malleable, which ensures a healthy self-concept formation with self-esteem, confidence, values and morals.
  • Build refusal skills so as to not emulate poor role models in the environment.
  • Acquire inner judgement to emerge as a productive adult and an upstanding citizen.


The pre-teen to adolescent years (Grades 7 to 9) are when the self concept is being formed as part of child development.


The child is malleable, and good or bad role models play a vital role in their self concept formation.


Once the child gets into bad habits due to a poor value system or because of compromised morals and attitudes, the child drops out of school with poor life outcomes in the future.