Salaam Bombay

Not every concert can change lives,
but WE can.

Children who live in slums don't lack talent, they lack opportunity. WE is an initiative that aims to level the playing field. At a WE concert, children from the slums will share the stage with the students of Mumbai's finest schools.

The concert offers children from two very different worlds equal opportunity to shine: they will be trained by celebrity coaches and get a chance to perform at Mumbai's finest venues.

The proceeds from the event will go towards helping children from the slums stay in school. WE has a way of transforming the lives of everyone who is part of it.


It's time for the 5th and biggest WE concert.

More schools, more celebrities and a grand new venue – The Royal Opera House. Auditions for WE 2017 are now open.


WE can make a difference.

This concert is possibly the coolest way to earn your CAS credits; it will also make an impressive addition to your college application.



  • "WE has not only changed the lives of Salaam Bombay children, but ours as well. We are more aware of and thankful for all that we have been blessed with."

    - Mrinalini Somani, Cathedral & John Connon School, Founder of WE

  • "It's like working as a group of friends. The Salaam Bombay kids inspire us with their zeal to learn and prove themselves. The cause is bringing out the best in us,"

    - Zahan Parekh and Rehan Bhat, Cathedral & John Connon School

  • "I've always been inspired by the work of this foundation. I'll go back with a lot of warmth and inspiration in my heart."

    - Vidya Balan, Actor, at WE 2014

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