Salaam Bombay

"G. D. Somani School has the privilege of being connected to Salaam Bombay Foundation, a philanthropic organization working for the welfare of children. Being associated with such groups helps our students to enhance their understanding of society and be compassionate towards others."

Bryan Seymour
Principal (G.D. Somani Memorial School)

"Salaam Bombay Foundation has helped me understand a serious problem faced in our country – Tobacco Consumption & Addiction. Volunteering my time to help their team fund raise and create awareness has been an enriching experience for me."

Shanav Mehta
Student Volunteer (Singapore International School)

"The best way to learn is to do it and there is no better way than to have children as the ambassadors of social responsibility and change through self expression. “Voices” empowers children to start doing good early on in life."

Rajiv Bantwal
Associate Director, Edelweiss

"Tobacco is a real threat to our children and as leaders we have to take strong steps to fight back. The Maharashtra Government is the first to ban both - pan masala and gutkha. We commend Salaam Bombay Foundation on its efforts to keep children away from this menace ."

Mr. Prithviraj Chavan
Former Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra

Prithviraj Chavan

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