A child in school has a future.

Perhaps, the most heartening result of our endeavours is that children themselves are motivated to stay in school and succeed.

In an environment where disadvantaged children are more likely to experiment with tobacco, than have access to arts and sports facilities, Salaam Bombay Foundation’s programmes and academies have successfully led children toward a better future.

By empowering them to make the right decisions about their health, education and livelihood, we seek to end the perpetual cycle of poverty, under-age labour and tobacco-use affecting children.

In collaboration with our network of stakeholders, we help children believe in their abilities, infuse them with ambition, and motivate them to stay in school. Because, as we have learnt and proved, a child in school has a future.

We believe empowered children, empower future generations.


The Harvard School of Public Health estimated that over 90% of Salaam Bombay children are determined to finish school.


of Salaam Bombay children are less likely to be disillusioned about their future.


of Salaam Bombay students report that they can face the world with confidence.