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skills@school... a Salaam Bombay initiative to equip underprivileged children with skills necessary for improved employment upon completion of school. By providing 21st century employability skills, trade specific English and life skills (including critical thinking, leadership, life skills, and problem solving), the programme provides added value to the current education curriculum in a manner that is perceived as positive by parents and students. Students are better equipped to gain part-time employment to assist their families and contribute towards their own education. Once students complete their education, they will have the tools and training to enter the formal, skill-based economy or continue their education in the selected vocation. The students from the skills@school initiative are made to appear for the government certified National Skill Development Examination to get a government certification. This acts as an incentive to continue studying in school and reduces the incidence of drop outs.

1188 children
have brighter economic prospects
due to job relevant training
in the skills@school program

10 profesional skills
enabling children to look forward to
sustainable careers after graduation



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