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Project Resume is a refuge for children whose lives are bereft of opportunities and facilities, of creative spaces and personal attention. It has harnessed innovative education tools such as Arts, Sports and Media to teach life skills like teamwork, discipline, respect and leadership necessary for kids to say “no” to tobacco. Through its skills@school project, it equips children with vocational skills that make them more employable, giving them a proper chance at getting real jobs and breaking their cycle of poverty. Project Resume gives children the confidence to stay in schools.



Innovative education supports the holistic growth of children. Holistic growth refers to the overall emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child. SBF has innovatively harnessed the potential of Sports, Arts and Media as tools of innovative education to bring about the overall wellbeing of the children. This also gives them the chance to express themselves. Many children find their voice, get noticed and discover themselves for the first time.

The primary objective of the Sports, Arts and Media Academies is to create personal and economic empowerment through experiential platforms of learning for children by providing world-class training and performance opportunities. They are run by eminent professionals in their respective fields with a team of assistant coaches. These after-school programmes require a three-year commitment from both the child and the parent to keep the child in school and remain tobacco free. It also offers them the chance to improve their career prospects enabling them to pursue part-time employment while studying in school.




Building today’s artists into tomorrow’s leaders

Rajkumar’s father abandoned the family and his mother works as a house cleaner. He lives in a crowded slum. He has always loved acting and wants to grow up and become an actor. He was recruited into the SBF Theatre Academy. Head Coach of the Academy and world renowned puppeteer Meena Naikji nurtured his talent and sent him for the state level Talent Competition for children. He was awarded the title of Best Junior Artist. His was the lead voice in a radio play "Dharam Chamach" that went national. Through the SBF theatre academy a latent talent was cultivated and a child had the power to fulfill his dream.

Theatre Academy - Since its inception in 2007, over 400 children have received high quality training from 4 coaches.

Dance Academy - The Dance Academy has reached out to over 550 children since its start, 4 years back. 300 have learnt Kathak while the remaining students have been trained for Western Dance.

Indian Music Academy - Started in the year 2009 in association with Mr. Suresh Wadkar’s Ajivasan Sangeet Academy, over 315 children have been trained in Indian Classical Music under the training of 2 music specialists.

Creative Academy - This project helps children express themselves and discuss social issues through drawing, craft and other related activities


Success Story

16-year-old Priyanka’s success is yet another talent to marvel upon. Living with her 5 siblings and parents in a modest 10 sq. ft. space in Mumbai’s Kala Chowki area, she had no clue what Kathak was until she was introduced to Salaam Bombay. Coming from a humble background where her father’s job as a pharmacy shop delivery man was hardly enough to sustain her family, Priyanka decided to make Kathak her passion.

Initially, her parents were opposed to the Academy and totally against her “wasting” time on dancing. But today they seem proud with her success and they are the happiest when she performs. Her joy as a dancer is contagious. She is the lead and principal dancer in most performances.  She has developed strong leadership skills and impressive interpersonal qualities. It is Priyanka who trains new recruits to the Academy. It is she who instructs young dancers in the basic steps of Kathak.  Priyanka is so famous now for her talent that she is called upon by the local dancers to choreograph their dance numbers. Her choreography has won her fame and her dances are much appreciated well beyond in the her slum neighborhood of her childhood.

Priyanka has many public performances to her credit – Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Priyadarshini Park, Mumbai’s biggest Diwali party, WE concert and many more important events. Priyanka is grace personified.




This academy teaches children life skills such as leadership, goal-setting, teamwork and stress management through sports. The training also improves children’s chances of receiving scholarships and job offers both on and off the field.

Salaam Bombay Hockey Academy - Coached by Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi (former goalkeeper of the Indian Olympic field hockey team), this co-ed initiative encourages girls to participate in sports. More than 275 children have benefited from the programme.

Salaam Bombay Cricket Academy - Initiated by test cricket luminary late Mr. Ashok Mankad and his team of expert coaches, this programme follows a world-class format to teach cricket. Annual Special Events: Every year, Salaam Bombay hosts special events like the Little Masters Challenge, Mumbai's largest and only cricket tournament for students of government and private schools. More than 1380 children have honed their skills at the Academy.


Success Story

Afsar’s is an example of how dedication and sincerity can transform a potential talent into a skilled asset. Living in a tin and tarpaulin shanty on the fringes of a grave yard, Afsar struggled to find adequate space to practice his passion of cricket. To overcome this hurdle, he showed up at the grounds to put in an extra hour of practice every day and almost immediately the results begun to show.

The cricket ground is where he found himself and carried that confidence boost into his academics as well. A usually shy and introvert Afsar made friends and begun maintaining a near to perfect balance in his studies and his game. Cricket taught him the value of a healthy lifestyle. He understood discipline, learned to respect authority, appreciated the value of teamwork. Afsar became a sportsman in every sense of the word.

Today Afsar looks forward to a bright future. He is saving up for his college tuition fees. Afsar stands tall among his peers.



This academy offers intensive courses in journalism, photography, print production and design. It has helped more than 675 children develop strong communication, writing and interpersonal skills. Voice of Halla Bol: With a monthly circulation of 5,000, this newsletter is by children and is read by their peers, government school teachers, and other society stakeholders.


Success Story

To rise up and excel when one has their backs to the wall is a very special skill that takes a lot of courage, grit and determination. Shruti fits the bill perfectly. She grew up in Hyderabad with no knowledge of Hindi and found herself in a tough situation when her family moved to Mumbai. Her lack of understanding Hindi created barriers in her ability to make friends, perform in class or take part in any group activity. She became a loner and had no one except her mother for company.

When an opportunity presented itself in the form of the Salaam Bombay Media Academy, Shruti grabbed it with both hands. She understood this was her fast track to learning the language and making friends. The Media Academy focused on her written and spoken language skills while exposing her to photography, photo journalism, visits to a printing press, etc. Her grit and determination resulted in her picking up the nuances of the language early on. She was often found right beside the trainer, clearing her doubts, asking for clarifications, building her vocabulary with new words. Soon she was constructing small sentences and striking a conversation. Today she regularly contributes to the Salaam Bombay newsletter 'Halla Bol'. Shruti’s efforts were reflected in her academics and she was judged 'Best Student of the Year' last year. She is now an avid photographer. Her pictures do the talking and convey what she couldn’t for a long time.



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