What We Do?

In tiny, overcrowded, tin and tarpaulin shanties, dreams die young.

  • Salaam Bombay Foundation was started in 2002 to focus on children in Mumbai’s slums.
  • The tens of thousands, who grow up poverty-stricken and deprived, condemned to a life of hopelessness. Aimless kids who quit school, and face the risk of child labour and tobacco abuse.
  • 36.37% of children in India drop out by the 8th grade.
  • Staring at nothing, but a bleak future, these talented and capable kids, sadly, lose their self-esteem and become powerless to shape their own destinies.
  • Salaam Bombay Foundation supports such at risk children by engaging them through in school leadership and after school sports, arts and media programmes. Vocational skills development prepares them for future sustainable careers.
  • Our advocacy initiatives help them lead tobacco free lives, and transform them into agents of change.
  • We instill self-confidence, sow the seeds of ambition, and inspire them to stay in school. Our goal is to ensure that they have a promising future.
  • Ably supported by committed people, Salaam Bombay Foundation has collaborated with the Harvard School of Public Health on measurement, and has spearheaded joint funding and programme implementation; it has received grants from the Gates Foundation and Bloomberg Family Foundation, among others.